I was born in March 1976 in Starnberg, South Germany, worked from 95-99 in costume- and later in the stage department of Residenztheatre Munich, since I started to study stage design at Universität für Angewandte Kunst Vienna. I graduated from there in spring 2005 and started the masterstudies in cosume design at University of Applied Arts Helsinki in autumn of the same year. Since then I live in Helsinki; my mother moved in 1969 from Finland to Germany.

I've sent the emblem of the undergroundplace UAX to my sister in Berlin and Skinny in Treviso/Italy, so people can link us to each other when they recognize the patch we have sewed on some piece of our clothes. Here's at least a picture of me wearing a jacket with the patch and I send pictures taken from the others from their patches as soon as I get them.



Let the crowd trickle in, they invest into a very short product: a picture of themselves and a devised name, you can grasp a person in a view seconds. The city is my movingarea, asphaltground, the city is an enormous dwelled mechanism, as soon, as you walk off, you step on toads.
"in the body of the factory": 50.000 workers, who have lived, since now, in skyscrapers. they usually talk about the coordination of objects, their handling, rythms, oblivion. The production of objects stops, therefore the already existing-ones are used until they fall apart, they are shown in glass-cases: "ah, that's a milk package, cottage cheese was kept in a plastic cup." once a week to the reptile-zoo.
it's like considering a name for an unborn – uax. uax is carried between the skullpans and born out through the mouth. in the uax the ground is glazed with the discharges of armours and tanks. it's black as the nothing, but ist surface mirrors. the uax is located 20 meters under the earth and is accessible only through an elevatorshaft, which served the workers to get into the mine with their foodstuff.
we take refuge to the music, which got, with the uax, now a breeding-place, there, where formerly cadmium was hauled.
when skinny moves within the crowd, she talks to the crowd: " - - - -"
you have to keep it short, the perception of time is changing constantly, in the way that it contracts. coming from the uax, everybody knows, where you have been, because your skin smells of petrol and gasoline. there's always the need of something to happen, to bring something out, to produce.