Newbie's guide to Helsinki:

1) Get lost in space
2) and time
3) find a garden
4) and a treasure










The socialization of women renders them less dependent on duality and opposition; instead of setting nature against city, they find nature in the city.”

Elizabeth Wilson,
The Sphinx in the City


I have the special ability to get lost very easily. The good thing is, I then tend to find places I wouldn't otherwise visit. Once I was on a pretty gloomy mood, trying to find a certain park, totally unaware that the place was clearly named and marked on my tourist map of Helsinki. I knew approximately where it was and cycled a big road, then turned to the park on the right side. I wandered along the path, happily charmed by some greenhouse which architecture I found slightly gothic with it's white decorated columns and thin panels of glass in between. Suddenly I saw a bike pushed aside the road and a lady sitting in the bushes. I was just starting to wonder what on earth she was doing when I noticed the bushes were heavy with big pink raspberries. Excited, I followed her example. Picking raspberries in the center of Helsinki! It was great, it reminded me of our summer cottage. I totally forgot the time and place. I suppose my enthusiasm shone quite far; an old man laughed when he passed by and stated that raspberries are good-tasting vitamines. It was a shame the only thing to pick them into I had with me was a paper bag because I would have wanted to share this treasure with people who I trust would appreciate it. But I picked some in the paper bag anyway. When I finally found the real park the paper bag was quite wet and pink and I was a bit late but obviously it wasn't such a big deal.llll



Under this raspberry bush I hid a treasure.



Milla Martikainen studies theatre scenography at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. She likes raspberries, cities, forests and getting lost.